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Book 2 in the BDB series

Awesome. This kept me awake until the early hours of the morning, and then I grabbed it again as soon I was awake. Un-put-down-able.

Rhage’s inner dragon beast will emerge if he’s in pain or angry; when it comes out to play, not only does he have no memories of what happens, but it causes him tremendous physical pain on leaving again, wiping him out for days afterwards. He knows that it’s capable of ripping his enemies to shreds and it terrifies him that it might emerge and hurt his friends – his brotherhood family. Keeping it under control is the most important thing he can do, and he subdues it – just takes the edge off it – with violence and mindless sex. His brothers joke about him, envy his ability with women, but he hates it, hates himself and hates his life.

And then he meets Mary, too gentle and good for him – and strangely unafraid of him. Falling in love with her might be the best thing he ever does, but the risk of hurting her with his beast is too great. Once he’s met her though, he can’t bear the thought of mindless sex with other women any more – his beast draws closer to the surface.

Mary has her own demons to bear, her story is tear-jerking and heart-wrenching. All the way through, I was desperate to see them find their happy ending, even as it became more impossible.

John Matthew makes his first appearance, and you sense the start of the other Brothers’ stories. Can’t wait to read Zhadist’s tale next. Brilliant writing, this book hooked me on the 2nd or 3rd page; the quality of the writing is so good, I found myself re-reading sections, just to enjoy them all over again.

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Hi there, come on in – I don’t bite. At least, not that often…

I’m an as-yet-unpublished romance writer, working very hard to change that particular state of affairs. I only started writing on a serious basis 18 months ago and have created no fewer than 6 full length manuscripts, although 2 of them were already in a very early draft stage.

Right now, I’m seeking representation, and this blog is intended to (a) follow my steps towards achieving that ambition and (b) showcase my work. Welcome 🙂

It’s painful sometimes. Another rejection will drop into my Inbox and I’ll beat myself up for a while. Had I not researched that particular agent in enough detail? Could my query / synopsis / partial have been stronger? Or was it just luck of the draw?

But there are days – and I’ve had a few this week – where it all seems worthwhile. I have the plot crystallizing in my head. I can see my characters, hear them talking – I feel as though I’m eavesdropping on their lives. The words flow from my fingers to the page, the story spilling out faster than I can write it. All is well.

And all I need is an agent… preferably a yummy one. Well, come on, I do write romance… 🙂

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