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I stumbled on Shannon McKenna by accident in the library, spotting the Brava symbol on the spine. Kensington Brava books are HOT, and usually a great read, so I dived straight in. It’s Bad Boy Heaven. Zan (Alexander) Duncan has the motorbikes, the leathers, the tattoos and long hair, soulful eyes, a roaring alpha personality – and a dark past that continues to trouble him. He’s everything Abby Maitland wants to avoid. And everything she’s drawn towards.

Her first encounter with Zan is when he rescues her from an overenthusiastic blind date.

She blinked back tears from her eyes, squeezed them shut. Tried again. Yes, the man was still there, crouching on top of Edgar. He was real. Dark hair hung long and loose over a battered black leather jacket. Keen eyes studied her, thoughtful and curious.

He grabbed Edgar’s hair, jerked his head up. “Apologize to her.”

I swooned at this point, right at the start of chapter 2.

After a series of loser boyfriends, Abby draws up her List, a checklist of things to ask potential dates. Unfortunately, Zan fails straight away.

“Don’t tell me,” she said. “Let me guess. You’re a martial arts expert, right?”

“Uh, yeah. Akido is my favourite discipline. I like kung fu too.”

She nodded, stomach clenching. There it was, the first black mark on the no-nos checklist. “Do you have a motorcycle?”

He looked puzzled. “Several of them. Why? Want to go for a ride?” Abby’s heart sank.

“No. One last question. Do you own guns?”

Zan’s face stiffened. “Wait. Are these trick questions?”

”You do, don’t you,” she persisted.

Hot Night gave me the same emotional rollercoaster as Beautiful Disaster. Travis and Zan are both alpha males who aren’t afraid to fight their way out of trouble – and make stupid mistakes. My emotions jerked so many times in this book, as Zan and Abby came together and then ripped themselves apart again. Each time they cautiously came together, my heart was in my mouth as I silently begged them to make it work then wailed as they floundered again. It was So. Real.

He shrugged. “Hey. Life’s not fair. I’ve been reflecting on that sad fact myself. All afternoon.”

She got up, standing as tall as she could. Shoulders back, chin up, tits out. She had nothing to be ashamed of. “Just go,” she said. “Leave the keys you made here. Don’t come back.”

Zan’s dominant side overwhelms Abby, but she’s no shrinking violet and kicks his ass good style, while falling helplessly in love with him. In true romance tradition, Zan recognises Abby as The One almost immediately and is torn apart when she doesn’t feel the same. Or doesn’t appear to.

The plan had been so clear before Elaine’s phone call. So simple. A light sexy game he could play while keeping his feelings armoured. They were in a parallel universe now. The events of this night had stripped his armour away and left him naked and shivering, with a big target painted on his chest.

There’s a whopping great helping of danger when Abby’s best friend is murdered and everybody else – including Zan at first – believes it was suicide.

She didn’t turn, or sense his presence. She wasn’t thinking about him. She wasn’t meeting Moneybags, either. She couldn’t care less about the whole fucking lot of them.

She was grieving for her friend.

This book got me, nailed me and pinned me down, unable to move until I’d squeezed the last words out of it. I loved it – and was thrilled to find that Shannon McKenna has written loads more! Plenty more to thrill at 🙂


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