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Love Revealed (The Market Series)


This was a fun and quick sexy historical with a taste of BDSM. Lady Katherine Drummond is a widow, but one NOT on the hunt for a new husband. In her experience, husbands are a bad thing and she’s quite happy to stay single. Especially since her sexual needs are taken care of so ably by The Market. She attends on a regular basis for a secret liason with a man she knows only as Sir. Since they both wear masks, her identity is safe, and she uses an assumed name – Kat. Nobody would ever recognise her.

At least, that’s what she thought. The Earl of Heathington (Heath) is one of the most eligible bachelors of her acquaintance and for some reason he seems to like her. Especially when he suspects that she may be the tempting beauty he knows from The Market.

The sex scenes are hot and the dialogue is crisp and sharp, I only wish it had been longer. I felt it was just getting going when it finished. 4 out of 5.


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Falling Star (Earth Scents)

A sweet short novel about a huge country music star (Adam Nash) falling for an ordinary girl (Jade Graham). A lot of the fun in the early part, was in Adam’s increasingly complicated measures to ensure that Jade doesn’t find out his identity. In reality, he’s a massively famous musician with a well publicised history or women, drinks and drugs, but to Jade he’s just a hot guy that wandered into her florist business one day.

“I… uh, need some flowers.” Great Adam. Mr. Suave superstar with a brilliant opening line.

She may have bought his CD’s, but she completely failed to recognise him.

“How do you know I’m buying them for a woman?” He raised an eyebrow in that sexy way video directors loved.

Her smile faltered for only a second. “I’m… sorry, I didn’t mean to assume.” She covered his fingers on the counter with her soft hand, and gave them a quick pat. “Does your boyfriend have a favourite flower?”

And this throws Adam. He’s used to being mobbed on the street. Even while he buys flowers for his secretary, his bodyguard / driver waits at the door to fend off the fans. When he calls her a few days later to invite her for dinner, she doesn’t even remember him at first.

Hadn’t he wondered what it would be like to walk into a public place and be treated like every other Joe Schmoe off the street? Well, here it was, and now he couldn’t actually decide whether he liked it or not.

He finally persuades her to join him for dinner, but Jade is cautious. She’s had bad dates before and has an excellent system for handling them.

Ever since meeting Dean she’d had to excuse herself from her date in order to text him the address where she was, a freakiness rating between one and ten, a turn-on rating, and any request to be rescued. Jade’s last nightmare date was four months ago, and her “1543 Central Ave, 10, 0, omg please!” text brought Dean to the movie theatre with an affected jealous rage. Everyone should have a friend like Dean Chambers.

Adam takes her to dinner, to a picnic (where they almost get mobbed) and eases his way into her life. All without giving her his real name or his occupation – claiming to work in the entertainment industry. Her imagination runs riot. Porn star. Stunt man. Out of work actor. He lives in fear of someone telling her the truth.

“Adam? I think… I just figured out what you do for a living.”

“You did?” His tone turned empty.

“Yes. I recognize it in your voice.” She pulled her comforter over her shoulders, and snuggled deep into the plush bedding. The rain still beat a hypnotic rhythm on the roof, and she yawned.

“You do?”

“She heard the anguish, and smiled sleepily. “Mm hm. You’re one of those phone-sex men.”

But the truth has to come out eventually. He whisks her away to his boat for the weekend and promises her best friend Dean, that he’ll tell her. He ties himself in agonised knots. Will she dump him? Will she be thrilled? Embarrassed? Horrified? Can he bear it if she dumps him?

“At first I thought you were unemployed, or you had some job you were embarrassed about.” She shook her head. “But this… this is kind of a big deal.”

This is a light and enjoyable short novel, a good weekend or afternoon sunshine / pool / beach read. The sex scenes are hot and Adam sounds delicious. There are nice secondary characters in gay-best-friend Dean and his boyfriend, but overall I’ll only rate this 4 out of 5. When things go wrong, as inevitably they must, I was disappointed that everything got resolved so quickly, but apart from that I loved it.

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