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My name is Jane and I’m a Goodreads addict. There, I’ve said it. I’ve had many addictions over the years, so this is nothing new, but I’m hoping this will develop into a long-lasting relationship and not just a quick fling.

So what other addictions am I happy to confess?


What can I say… Sweet fragrances, quirky names, cool products, blue riband quality at high street prices


Nuff said 🙂


Ben & Jerry’s

I still feel a shiver of pleasure when I think about the yumminess of Chunky Monkey. Banana ice cream with nuts and slivers of dark, oh so wickedly dark chocolate



ParaNormal Romances – everything from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, through Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy to DB Reynolds Vampires in America and Nalini Singh’s Psy / Changelings


Hawt cowboys

Not so much Louis L’Amour, more Lorelei James, heh heh


And Goodreads.


I first dipped my toes in via the KindleSmut reading group, then I expanded to find other like-minded readers… and now I co-moderate a readers & writers Group. How did that happen?!?  LINK

Not only can I keep a list of what I’ve read (including ratings and those all important reviews), I can indulge in my PNR and Hot Cowboy addictions at the same time * grin *

My other great addiction, the one that’s grown into a full-time-obsession, is my writing – and even here, Goodreads can help. It has a MyWriting page. I can load short stories, extracts and teasers – entire novels, chapter by chapter if I feel so inclined. And so I’m playing around with it a little. Check it out, see what you think – feel free to comment  🙂  LINK TO JANE’S WRITING

Who knows, it might rub off on you too 😉


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Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders)

I’ve had a few cowboy stories in my TBR pile for ages. Months. Why did I wait so long to read them? Hot cowboys have become my new current addiction * grin * And according to most people, few do Hot Cowboys quite as well as Lorelei James.

From the opening lines of Long Hard Ride, I was hooked. Channing Kincaid is tagging along with the rodeo alongside her new boyfriend, Jared.

On a drunken dare after too many kamikazes, Channing Kincaid found herself standing on a shellacked bartop with a bartender named Moose sprayed her chest with ice-cold beer.


I love books with amazing starts. So much promise – and even better, this one delivers. Shortly after winning the Golden Knockers trophy and snogging a gorgeous stud named Colby McKay, she learns that her boyfriend is actually married.

She should leave. Right away. Tonight.

Colby’s words surfaced. Come talk to me before you do anything rash.

The scared part of her wanted to run to Colby right now. Demand to know why he hadn’t told her Jared was married.

But in his own way, Colby had warned her.


She’s trying to figure out what to do when Colby finds her.

“Do you want to go home?”
”God, no.”

“Good.” Colby angled across the narrow table and repeatedly brushed the back of his knuckles over her cheek. “Run away with me, Channing. At least until we get to Cheyenne next week.”


She’s tempted, even when Colby tells her there are conditions.

Colby studied her carefully from beneath the brim of his hat. “You’ll be in my bed.”

Her pulse fluttered. “I figured that much.”

“As well as Trevor and Edgard’s.”

Channing’s jaw dropped. “I’d be sleeping with all three of you?”

“No. You’d be fucking all three of us, ain’t gonna be much sleepin’ involved.”


Colby travels with his buddies on the rodeo circuit, and sharing women is the norm. Despite herself, Channing is interested, shocked – and excited. Of course, things don’t go exactly to plan. Channing finds herself caring more for Colby than she should.

The truth was, she’d missed Colby.

What kind of idiot did that make her? They’d only been together two days and she’d already attached herself to him like one of those pesky sticky burrs that get caught up in horses’ tails.


They’re only supposed to be together for a week, and after that, Colby fully expects her to go back home to pick up her previous life as a teacher, while he completes the rodeo circuit. And even though it was his idea for all three guys to share her, he discovers that he wants her all for himself.

“Have we really only been together a coupla days?”

She stiffened up. “Yes. Why? Is time dragging?”

“No. On the road, time usually drags like an old dog. But it seems like you’ve always been around. I’m glad you’re here, darlin’.”

Probably not the first time he’d said such sugared words, but she’d take it since it was the first time anyone had ever uttered them to her.


But life never runs smooth in rodeo-land. Channing struggles to fit in with the other wives and girlfriends. Trevor and Edgard spend all their time fighting and losing their events, and Colby’s father hates her on sight. Colby gets banged up in one of his rides and Channing realises the stark reality of how dangerous the rodeo is.

If I wasn’t fanning myself from the burning hawt sex scenes, I sat on the edge of my seat desperately watching the story playing out. So what made this read so irresistible? Apart from the hot and sexy trio of gorgeous well-mannered cowboys (Colby, Trevor and Edgard), there were interesting and well thought out secondary characters including Colby’s sister, Keely, and Gemma & Cash (the stars of the next book).

I’m so pleased that Lorelei James has written lots more books in her Rough Riders series and I can’t wait to read them. A definite 5 out of 5.

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