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Saying Yes

A quick and delightful read. Zadie has just finished with her boyfriend (d1ckhead) and moved out, lugging her belongings in an overstuffed case. She’s feeling a little bruised and can’t face moving back with her mother, but she has a sanctuary lined up, somewhere to lick her wounds in peace. Her best friend Stef has just gone on holiday with her boyfriend Fabian, and Zadie has been assured she can use Fabian’s flat while they’re away. Perfect! Well almost. It’s an absolute tip when she arrives and she has to spend the day cleaning it.

She freaked out at the three human fingers lurking at the bottom of the fridge. Breathed a sigh of relief when she worked out they were very old carrots.

But eventually, she’s done and sinks into a deep bath to relax… And that’s when a very drunk Tristan walks in. Fabian’s younger brother is also trying to hide from the world, and where better than his empty apartment? It comes as a shock to both of them when he bursts into the bathroom sopping wet and planning to have a shower.

He nudged open the door with his backside and flipped out the cork as he walked in and turned round.

“Jesus Christ,” he yelled.

Champagne frothed down his hand as he stared at the creature in the tub. He’d never drink again. Ever.

Zadie’s ex always told her she said ‘no’ too much, so now she decides to say ‘yes’ instead. And that includes letting the delicious Tristan share her food, her champagne and her bath…

“You’ve probably used all the hot water,” he said. “Can I get in?”

“Yes.” Oh fuck, did I say that? The word had slipped past her brain’s quality control.

Barbara Elsborg keeps things light and frothy (no bath-pun intended) with a laugh-out-loud sense of fun rippling through this story as well as some sizzling between the sheets (and in the water) action. Hot and very enjoyable, this is a 5/5.


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