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Ink Spots


I recently read another Lissa Matthews (Simple Need) that I adored, so I eagerly launched into Ink Spots. The male lead (tattoo artist Jaz) is a friend of Vinter (from Simple Need) and I liked the way the 2 stories were linked.

Jewellery maker Mandi works as a waitress by night in the popular club Katz and has been crushing on Jaz for months, not thinking for a minute that he’s even noticed her, let alone that he’d be equally smitten with her. It takes the club owner (Jackie) to push them into each others arms – telling Jaz it’s Mandi’s birthday. In a cute move, Jaz offers himself as a 24-hour birthday present for Mandi bringing a whole swathe of her deepest fantasies to life.

There’s lots of hot sex, but even though the two characters were very much into each other (no pun intended) I didn’t feel the connection that was so clear in Simple Need. Probably because they were too busy having sex to actually talk to each other… It’s a frivolous quick read, but in my opinion, it could have been so much better. I wanted to like Mandi, but she didn’t have any depth to her. I wanted to like Jaz – and I did a little bit – but not enough to care about either of them. 3 out of 5.


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