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North of Need (Heart of the Anemoi)

A simple and moving premise: Megan is enduring the second anniversary of her husband’s untimely death and is close to rock bottom, having a tearful meltdown over the snowman that she builds.

She’d made a snow family. A snow man, a snow woman and a snow child. A sob tore up her throat and echoed into the stillness. What the hell was she thinking?

When a sexy stranger turns up at her remote cabin – in a blizzard – she gives him shelter and starts to realise there’s more to life that she first thought. She guesses that there’s something odd about Owen Winters, but the truth is more bizarre than even she can imagine.

The first thing she latched on to was the shirt and scarf – John’s clothing. The pieces she’d used on her snowman. Was it possible this guy had walked here… in what? The pair of faded jeans he wore and nothing else? And then… he’d grabbed the clothes in desperation before collapsing at her door? Everything about that was two kinds of strange.

Owen is one of the snow gods, brought to life by her tears and sent by her husband’s soul to bring her happiness. However, there was a catch. Owen was only allowed the time until the thaw, to win her heart.

What should’ve been weeks of time courting Megan, winning her affection – earning it – was now four days.

He wanted her for her, not just for the possibility of happiness and companionship she’d represented as he’d stood before the panel of gods and agreed to help John Snow. Four days then. There was still a chance. And that was more than he’d had in a very long time.

Owen is such a delightful character, it would be hard not to love him. Playful and affectionate, he’s a man of few words with a cheeky boyish side to his nature.

“So, good with languages, shovels and igloos. Anything else?”

The smug look he tossed at her was so wicked it shivered right down her spine. Walked right into that, hadn’t she.

I loved this book. Laura Kaye has the ability to take two people and weave their story so finely, that you think you’re taking part.  She captured this brilliantly in Hearts in Darkness (at which point I became a fan) and has built on this to a full length novel, the first in a new series. No complex plots, no evil villains or nasty friends, just two lonely people learning to trust each other and falling in love. Even if one of them has some special powers.

What she was seeing, what he was saying – was totally crazy. Opened doors of possibilities she’d never before considered. That just weren’t real.

A snowflake tickled the end of her nose and she shook her head. The flurries were few and far between now, nearly gone. “It was snowing in here, right? I didn’t imagine that? But, how?”

He watched her for a moment, then his lips lifted into a slow, tentative smile. “Sorry. You… affect me.”

I gasped aloud when Megan learned the truth.

Owen looked up. His dark blue and brown eyes glinted playfully from under his black hair. Lips so red…

In a flash, she saw herself. Christmas Eve. The snowman. Sorting the buttons. Disappointed she didn’t have a matching pair for the eyes. Deciding it didn’t matter – the large navy and chocolate buttons were all she had…

Realisation slammed into her.

There was magic a-plenty in this absorbing read. And humour – I loved when she was trying to explain to her mum.

She inhaled a deep breath and prayed her mother wouldn’t freak out. “I, um, met someone?” Also not exactly true, but she wasn’t broaching the whole he’s-an-ancient-god-who-came-to-life-through-my-snowman conversation. Not yet anyway. Maybe not ever.

And when his four days are up… in order to transition to the mortal realm and become a human, he needs Megan to fall in love with him.

Today was his last day. Outside the house, a symphony of drips played out, had been playing for hours.

The West Wind had arrived. The melt was upon them.

It had me hooked from the start. When I found myself in tears, on the train to work, I knew it was a keeper 🙂 5 out of 5.


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