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In the Mood


Ellen Fisher packs an awful lot of story into a quick read – and great value at only 99c. Jude is that rare beast, a guy who writes popular romantic novels. However, when his editor asks him to change from historicals to contemporary – and add some move loving – he struggles. The son of a pastor, he has difficulty finding the right words and freely admits it.

Writing contemporary love scenes had been the hardest thing for him to accomplish, and he was uncomfortably aware he hadn’t done a terrific job with it. “My sex scenes all suck. And I don’t mean that in a good way.”

When free-spirited Alyssa offers to give him some coaching he snaps her up. Not only do his sex scenes suck, but his love life has been a disaster area and he wonders if Alyssa might be the right person to embark on a proper relationship with.

There was something peculiar about the unexpected way this situation was playing out, and he still wasn’t sure this was a good idea or the right thing to do. But his body seemed to have moved right along to the conclusion that it was the best idea it had heard in ages.

Alyssa is very good at projecting a confident appearance, but behind the scenes she nurses her own fears. And as soon as she realises that Jude could mean something to her, she backs off.

She was confusing the hell out of him, and he was beginning to wish she came equipped with a translation device.

Jude is left wondering if it’s his rank inexperience that has put her off, or if there’s more to it.

He felt her cheek press against his shoulder, felt her arm slowly slide up around his neck. She reminded him of a frightened kitten – all bristling fur and exposed, sharp claws one minute, all purrs the next.

Throw in some excellent supporting characters, including Jude’s drunken brother who mistakenly bursts in on them with disastrous consequences:

“I have a date, all right?”

“A date?” Mark contemplated Alyssa for a long moment. “You haven’t had a date in years, Jude.”

”Thanks so much for sharing that, buddy.”

It was a funny and moving quick read and a perfect dessert after the intensity of the Mistress of Rome. I shall definitely be reading more Ellen Fisher.

5 stars


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