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Rosemary Entwined

A strange but satisfying book from a writer who doesn’t balk at pushing the boundaries. Rosemary doesn’t seem to be your average college student as she has 7 lovers, all who seem to be happy sharing her. She loves them each in their own way, and their personalities all become distinct as the story progresses, demonstrating how bound up in each others lives they are. Hints are dropped that Rosemary has some special strange powers and the story begins to unfold.

Rosemary is a cambion – a succubus-cross-breed – and needs to have a ‘nest’ of men to support and ‘feed’ her. She thinks her nest is complete, but it becomes apparent that it needs a Prince to complement and strengthen it, in order to resist potentially fatal attacks from her biggest rival, her jealous mother.

In order to take a Prince, she needs to release one of her current nest and this will be a heartbreaking decision to make. For if she doesn’t take this step, she puts her entire nest at risk – if she dies, her nest will die along with her.

Writing a book with 7 lovers gives plenty of opportunity for erotic action and the sex in this book was as hot as you expect any Bianca Sommerland to be, but balanced with tenderness and musing. In other writers hands this could have turned into a tacky romp, but not here. Ultimately though, I felt the first half was a little slow, mainly with the need to establish so many separate characters and I didn’t really feel gripped and engaged until half way through. As such, I’m awarding it 4 stars.



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