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Something Wicked (A Living in Eden Novel)

Part 2 of the Living In Eden series and it’s every bit as good as the first, if not better. Eden has had a little time to get used to her resident demon, Darrak, but he continues to surprise and irritate her on an almost daily basis. Still intent on finding a method to break the curse (that binds him to her body), he ‘borrows’ her body while she’s asleep to go and meet an old friend, Theo, another Archdemon. Theo is everything Darrak used to be: emotion-free, evil, dangerous and without any moral compass. He assures Darrak that inhabiting human bodies for the past 300 years is the reason why Darrak now behaves more like a human; the moment he shakes off Eden, he’ll revert back to being a full Archdemon again – and he’s tempted. Who’s to say that these ‘feelings’ he has for Eden are real? He might be imagining them.

Together they battle against Theo, Lucifer and Eden’s almost-boyfriend-turned-demon-killer Ben, while coping with werewolves and the Malleus (the demon-killing-Cult). Seems like everyone wants Eden dead and the more time Darrak spends with Theo, the less she trusts him.

Michelle Rowen has an excellent ear for dialogue, especially the sharp rivalry between Darrak and Leena (a were-cat that’s also taken up residence with Eden). Darrak has some great one liners and remains a brilliant example of a gorgeous, hot demon with a nice side. I’m looking forward to the 3rd and final part of this series. 5/5


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